This game was made for the Wowie Game Jam 2!

In this game you control a character named Gunmo that has a gun and has the ability to slow time!
Get to the end and see what is going on with his world!

The controls are in the game tutorial

I hope you like it and WOWIE a lot!


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Wow that is a nice little platformer you got there.
I really like that you used your own sprites and made everything by yourself.
To further improve the game I'd suggest you could add things as particle systems, camera shake and some animations.
Great so far and I hope you'll continue game developing :)

Its a cool game. There two problems with it though: 1.The graphics look original, but they are a bit dull. 2. When you die, you have to restart the entire tutorial, which can get annoying. Other than that I love your game, and It was a great entrie to WOWIE Jam 2!

Thanks :D

.cool game..just a bit dull visual other than's awesome

I'm glad you liked it :D

Of COurse I do