This game was made for the FIRST COMMUNITY GAME JAM
there is nothing that special to see here ;)

EnzoUP - Musician, Artist and Coder
Tunico0803 - Music Maker
Leightoons - Sprite Helper

Thanks for the creators of the jam <3

AuthorsEnzoUP, Tunico0803
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Music, My First Game Jam
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen

Install instructions

To download the soundtrack
1- download the .zip
2 - extract the soundtracks to a file
3 - done (please read the read.txt file)


Download 40 MB

Development log


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Overall I really like the concept a tad confusing when getting started but after dying a lot I finally found out what to do. 

I found the menu game level very innovative. You never really see that in video games.  

The art style is unique and weirdly reminds me of south park for some reason. I like it Nice one

thank you very much sir


Ok. I feel dense. I can get different music depending on what I click on, but I can't get to a game.

want help with the game? tell me EnzoUP#7507 the game is not only that I swear

Yes, please. I tried clicking on each button... I just get to a screen with a small square in the right hand corner. 

already tried walking with that square?

This must be my favorite one so far. Very original and unexpected

Love it

you can rate it rn, and thanks a lot man!


A lot of unexpected things happens in this game. Think outside the box, people! Good game!


thanks for playing! I appreciate that you said it is fun, or I think you said, about thanks anyway, good luck in the jam!

Good luck to you and your team too!


Music is good. Its fun. 

Check out my game alse


game don't lie, for real, trust the game :)

Yeah !!


Very Good Game,I Love Make This Musics

thanks for making the music friend!

no problem


Really fun but the demon scared me while I'm alone in my house so I can't finish it.

don't be scared! there are not that many jumpscares!